We are Biger

Though almost faded away in the process of growing, we big children restart to pursue our very first and innocent dreams. It’s all because of love that we set up BIGER LIMITED, where we constantly protect kids, create dreams and break the possibilities for those future grown-ups.

little dream bigger world

  • Dreams

    Dreams are naive, everyone has dreams. Dreams are also the most complex, so every adult cherishes kids' dreams. "What do you want to do, when you grow up?”

  • Creative

    Can only designers create? Can only engineers produce? For the kids, by the kids, creating, is our mission.

  • Possibilities

    Imagine how much the possibility a kid can has is as much as the potentials we would have.


biger spirits

The members of BIGER LIMITED come together to protect kids’ dreams. Having one’s dreams is more important than what one’s dreams really are, cause the process of pursuing always leads to new possibilities. Bigers are born of love, bigers are born to grow FOREVER YOUNG!

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